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  Launched 8 September 2020 to become the new portal to activities for members of the Qualicum Beach Activities Centre.  While still under construction our new site will gradually replace the old one.  Our new site is more interactive with more dynamic content.
  We encourage you to become a member and get active while staying safe.



The board is currently involved in discussions with the Town of Qualicum Beach regarding access to large spaces to accommodate exercise classes and other large group activities that do not exceed 40 participants. As well, we are investigating venues that will allow smaller outdoor social gatherings with the activity coordinators and, if all goes well, notify all members by email and post any updates on our website regarding the activities and special events.

At this time we have not made a decision on the location. We will also send out an invitation to attend the meeting via Zoom.

If you are interested in volunteering for ELECTION TO THE BOARD or want more information on what is required to be on our board of directors, give LORNE TETARENKO a call at:


The Seniors' Centre is Closed

Don’t sit at home alone – get involved with our interactive, online exercise, relaxation, ukulele and art classes.  See the next page for more information

Office of the Seniors Advocate and the Information and Privacy Commissioner

It is an unfortunate reality that as seniors focus on their health amid the pandemic, con artists and scammers are looking to exploit their personal information and profit from these challenging times. 


According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, more than 18,000 Canadians reported fraud in the first four months of 2020 – nearly half of the total number of cases for 2019. Canadians have lost $22.6 million to fraud.

Many of these scams target seniors directly. As Laura Tamblyn-Watts, the CEO of National Seniors’ Advocacy Organization CanAge said recently, the virus, combined with scamming attempts, represent “the perfect storm of targeting our vulnerable people.”

Here is a link to the brochure. 

Your Executive for 2019/20

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  • Norah Rawcliffe      Treasurer

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