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Viking TV explores the world from the comfort of home. Viking provides free to watch livestreams at the same time everyday and offers an extensive library of on demand programming including short documentaries and interviews, lectures, musical performances and much more. 


Place your cursor over the daily program, press and hold the control key (Ctrl) while clicking on the mouse button and you will be instantly taken to the program of the day.


For full information go to:   Viking TV

Starting This Week You Can View:   June 27 - July 3

     Livestreams start at 11AM Pacific Time

                       This Week:  North America

Monday, July 4

Learn about the formation of the United States of America with Viking Resident Historian Joseph Micallef


Tuesday, July 5

Encounter Alaskan wildlife in their natural habitat with Scott Ranger of the Gastineau Guiding Company


Wednesday, July 6

Discover our Eastern Seaboard Explorer itinerary with Viking’s Richard Marnell


Thursday, July 7

Anne Diamond meets musical powerhouse and New Orleans jazz legend Wendell Brunious


Friday, July 8

At home in St. Paul with travel writer and blogger Todd Walker


Saturday, July 9

Yoga: Gentle stretches with Mona Therese


Sunday, July 10

How to develop our own power statements with wellness host Alexandra Svalastog

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On-demand versions of these offerings also available anytime on their website:

               Viking TV